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Health rearch is recognized throughout the industrialized world as a priority research area. The Biophysics and Molecular Physiology Program allows its students to access this area of ​​research both experimental and theoretical by allowing them to study fundamental molecular mechanisms that form the basis of cellular processes.

The program is a joint program of the Department of Physics and the Department of Pharmacology-Physiology. Our group comprises three professors of the Department of Physics, five professors of the Department of Pharmacology-Physiology and one of the Department of Biochemistry.
We study the mechanisms of action that allow proteins to perform their specific functions, using experimental methods like electrophysiology and fluorescence spectroscopy to uncover the mystery of the functioning of membrane proteins such as the ion channels, ion pumps and transporters. Computational methods are employed to understand the folding and dynamics of proteins such as beta-amyloid involved in Alzheimer's disease.

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